We listen to your exact requirements, ask the right questions, provide advice, and offer creative and personal approaches and support for your event.

Passion for events

Are you looking for the right format and location for your company or customer event? We take great pleasure in putting together an initial proposal for you. Let’s discuss how we can realize your ideas together with you, and discuss how we can support you in organizing this event. We can offer you support on the content of your event, as well as on the organizational and logistic side, where we can activate our network of reliable and flexible suppliers.


Bruges – Event

We welcomed the EUMC Away Days in Bruges. As always we selected some suprising venues for the meeting, dinner and spouse tours. Together with our partners we offered a great service and unique memories.  …


Ostend – Event

A big thank you to all the employees is more then ever very important. A corona proof polonaise that brings a smile, even if we don't see the smile.


Bruges – Event

Bruges also offers, next to the unique conference and meeting venues, also some great places to host your party. Crazy nights make the best memories! …


Bruges – Event

For MHI we opened the doors of our Western saloon, only open for real cowboys and cowgirls! …


Ostend – Event

We love our pearls, diamonds and feathers. Great Gatsby dinner and party in the atmosphere of the Bagatalle. Top entertainment, good food , great vibes and a lovely party.


Bruges – Event

We welcomed J&J in Bruges for the annual Kick-Off and awards dinner. After the meeting in Crown Plaza Hotel they all enjoyed a lovely dinner in the historical Belfry tower in Bruges.


Ostend – Event

True events welcomed everybody on stage after a day full of workshops, entertainment and good food. Nice memories for young and old! Unique and Original family day in Flanders.


Ostend - Bruges – Event

MHI Vestas combined the opening of the new offices in Ostende with a great party for the staff in Casino Style. Two of a kind and both full house! …


Ostend – Event

The true spirit of Christmas during this après-ski party in Ostend. Great atmosphere, food and music during this Christmas party.


Bruges – Event

Bruges has a wide variety of exclusive venues for your next meeting, incentive or dinner. Most of them are still in private hands and give your guests a great atmosphere and lots of inspiration! Also lots of luxury private dining and party rooms.


Bruges – Event

"He was my cream, and I was his coffee. And when you poured us together, it was something" - Josephine Baker. Great international coffee experience in Concertgebouw Brugge.


Ostend – Event

Opening of the new Oxygen building for Metagenics in Ostend. Open house for all the staff and family with a wide selection of activities, workshops and experiences. Oxygen both for body and soul! …


Bruges – Event

Let it shine, top dinner in Bruges. Great setting for this unique corporate award show and dinner.


Flanders – Event

The best of Flanders in one day! Lovely day at the countryside celebrating 'the good life' …


Oostkamp – Event

For the Global Estate Group we organised the kick-off of O-Forty. A state of the art complex they will build in Oostkamp, next to Bruges. An innovative project with an original and healty kick-off.


Mons – Event

The Micx in Mons was the unique venue where all Amplifon employees gathered for their Kick-Off. Great day in a great venue.


Bruges – Event

A family day is a perfect way to thank your employees. Bruges is the perfect setting to organise your next family day. We guarantee you a day full of suprises for the whole family.


Bruges – Event

Where dreams come TRUE. An unique party in the great setting of La Brugeoise in Bruges. Great people, food, acts and entertainment all evening long. A corporate party as it should be! …


Brugge – Event

Happy Birthday Transwest! Great party for all your staff! …


Concertgebouw Brugge – Event

Food Paradise was a day full of inspirational speeches and workshops by famous chefs in Concertgebouw Brugge. Full house conference for more then 1200 students from all over Flanders with a great selection of chefs like Albert Adria, Sergio …


Bruges - La Brugeoise – Event

Three new leaders are coming to town was the theme of the unveil of the new Daikin sky Air A-series. The perfect setting for this was the historical industrial site of La Brugeoise in Bruges.


Ostend - Ghent - Brussels – Event

The top management of Daikin wanted to say a 'Big Thank You' to all employees of Daikin in Ostend - Brussels and Ghent. We really surprised them with a pop up foodtruck festival. Great music, happy people, good food and even a bit of sun! …


Bruges – Event

The unique garden of the Old St-Johns hospital was the setting for a great family day for Metagenics. After the festive lunch we organised a wide range of different actvities.


Ostend – Event

Young and old enjoyed this family tournament under a steel blue sky. The football pitches and the canteen of a local soccer club were home to FC Metagenics for a day. The soccer tournament provided a full day of family fun and entertainment across…


Zeebrugge – Event

Iron Planet welcomed over 300 guests to their first auction of heavy duty equipment in Zeebrugge. We hosted an animated network event in Brewery Halve Maan in Bruges the evening before, and the auctioneers took up the hammer in Zeebrugge very …


Kortrijk – Event

The festive weekend for this feed business was busy, with a VIP night, a staff event, and an open day, featuring the brand-new flake line. But above all, we wanted to put the staff in the spotlight.


Bruges – Event

Annual staff event in the enchanting setting of the old power plant, the Brugeoise, in Bruges. It was an evening full of boas, plumes, and music in the style of the Roaring Twenties.


Bruges – Event

This will probably be the only beer pipeline we will inaugurate in our lives. This three kilometre long pipeline hit the world news in 2016, and is testimony to the innovative entrepreneurship that can be found in Bruges. We took care of …